Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm still looking for Place references

I'm still looking for a discussion of an application for Edward Casey's construct of Place.  This has been way harder than I thought.  When I was at Writing Group last Sunday, Anne asked me if I had examples how other people had done it.  She completely got where I was going.  I said, that I was looking.  I need to see what others done as I'm out there in wilderness.  Still looking, got some books today from UW library, looking through their catalogs.  Found one that is getting closer, a discussion of elderly populations and their lived landscape in North Cornwall.

As my friend Mark said, sometime ago, "It's like Teru and I are wandering around in the Mojave Desert.  Different parts of the desert."

Maybe some internet blogs, something!  Found this illustration out of Boston Cyberarts

multi-generational dialogue between people whose memories are encapsulated in the built environment and “outsiders” like me who might be interested in learning about the architectural, industrial, social and natural history of the site in its present state.

Getting closer, not there.

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