Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm still looking for some papers that use Casey's theory of place for a specific site.  There's gotta be some, this construct is 20 years old and well known.  I want to use it for the Old Sanctuary but I want to see some examples before I attempt to do it.  Or before I try to do any interviews.

I emailed my professor of the landscape archaeology class that I took nearly two years ago.  He was on sabbatical and graciously wrote me back; gave me some more people to ask.  It's tough going.

But, as always, I run into interesting things along the way.  Including these interesting Tibetan temples.  From a  book by an important person in the field, Yi-Fu Tuan.  I might try to go back and look at that reference.  I think each square room around the circle is a separate temple.  And check out those eyes!  Didn't notice them before.

Kumbum Gyantse.

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