Friday, July 24, 2015

The Shell Oil/Bulova Tower

Seemed like I should be able to find tons more.  This is from the paper "Glass and Steel: The Shell Oil/Bulova Tower as a Pshyco-Spatial Aglet at the Canadian National Exposition 1955-1985" by Jesse Alan Munroe published in the Journal of Urban History.

What's an aglet?  It's the metal or plastic tube at the end of a shoelace.  Ok.

At least there's some verbiage of the edifice, now demolished as being defined as part of lived experience of those that interacted with it "made meaningful by their filtration through memory."

I'm still thinking this is harder than it should be.


Anonymous said...

Still interested? What were you looking for? I wrote that article.

azure said...

I really enjoyed this article. One of the very few that I've found that gave characteristics to people in a place. How it was a place to meet, how it was used as a meeting place, about its placement. I'm working on a project about an old synagogue now torn down. How people remembered it; the stories they told. I wanted to use Casey's theory of place. Write me!