Friday, July 17, 2015

Grad school roomies

Not my grad school, my daughter Ilana's.  When Ilana was admitted to University of Michigan Information School in 2010, they had an orientation weekend that maybe she could miss.  It's a long way to Michigan and expensive.  But then, somebody told her that this weekend was where you could find jobs and roommates.  Since she needed both, she decided to go.

And it worked just as she hoped.  At one point, she was sitting at a table with some other incoming students who she didn't know and they all said they needed roommates so they decided that they would be roommates.  Emily from Utah, Adriana from West Virginia and Ilana from Washington.  It worked out great!

So now in 2015, the three women in the picture are the roommates.  It's the wedding of the couple in the middle and they've all gathered in Lafayette IN.  Actually the wedding is in Connersville IN on Saturday.  Also pictured is Ilana's husband , Matt, on the right.  And prospective groom Neil in the center next to his fiance.

It's all good!  Emily and Ilana have been helping Adriana with some of the last minute details.

Congrats all around!

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