Sunday, July 19, 2015

Plrates of Penzance

Yesterday we participated in our annual trip to the summer Gilbert & Sullivan production "The Pirates of Penzance."  I've been to a lot of matinee performances over the years and if I've ever seen Pirates I don't remember it, Who cares?  It was a fun loud boisterous performance of singing and dancing without much of a plot.  Which may be better than a lot of them that have intricate complicated plots that I can never figure out.  And don't matter anyway.

Dennis with his friends Pat and Fred have been doing this for approximately forever.  They all come plus partners, spouses, kids, friends and whover else ends up being included.  Then we go out for dinner at Mc Menamins which is just a block away.  This time, the Bite of Seattle was going on right therre but who wants all that madness and crowds.

Today is yet another warm day.  I found myself kind of wanting a picnic by the water.  Turns out that Dennis was going to Fremont to see Susanna who was working at Pops.  I went too, there was some good fish and chips.  Dennis and I shared one sitting by the ship canal watching the boats.  Then we generally hung around as Susanna, Megan and Dave sold lots of popsicles to hot attendees of the Fremont Street Fair.

So I had my picnic by the water after all!

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