Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Old Sactuary

The Old Sactuary of Temple De Hirsch Sinai.  Provided to me by their Director of Facilities who has been very helpful.

It is beautiful.  Built in 1907, taken out of main service 1960, demolished 1992.  The Facilities person pointed out to me that this photo must be pre 1924 because the door to the Temple Center is not visible.  He says that the doorway should be on the right.  But it seems to me that it should be on the left.  I don't know.

But he says that there are very few images of the Old Sactuary, many of the New Sactuary in the temple's files.  Often we take the things around us for granted, as he points out.

He sent me some other images which I might featured including the frightful condition at it's demolition.

As he says:
Add the brutal truth that nothing lasts forever; entropy always wins in the end.  So how many resources does one expend trying to preserve a building while the universe is working at tearing it down? 
When you look at the later pictures, you can see what happens to a building when neglected.

Thee's some story here, not sure what yet.

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