Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting into the gleaning business

Dennis and I are planning to volunteer to be gleaners at a Farmers Market.  I've seen this a few times, at the end of the Farmers Market, the produce vendors will often donate unsold items to local food banks.  But somebody has to do it.  I got a newsletter from Jewish Family Service.  They were looking for volunteers to glean at the Broadway Farmers Market.  They run a food bank serving five zip codes in central Seattle.  Not exactly convenient but I'm wanting to try it.  Dennis liked the idea; he's looking for volunteer opportunities.  OK, the obvious, this would obviously mean carrying things which, well that's not so good for me.  He questioned this.  I replied "That's where you come in!"  I'm always signing him up for stuff.

So, looks like we're on for two Sundays in August.  We meet at the food bank near closing time, we collect the produce and bring it back to the food bank.  Not sure exactly how it will work out but will let you know.

Waiting for James, my beloved contractor, a mainstay in my life.  He's going to fix our mailboxes.  Again.  We're not going for a temporary fix this time.  What's wrong with our mailboxes? They're close to being horizontal when they should be vertical.  Drivers from my family and my neighbor's family routinely hit, nudge or otherwise compromise our mailboxes backing out the driveway.  I think I was his first client years ago.  He has a reputation in my neighborhood.  My neighbor Kathy says "Whatever James says he wants to do, that's fine with us."

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