Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fixed mailbox!

Our fixed mailbox courtesy of James, my wonder contractor.

So, all kinds of utilities go in right here at the top of the cul-de-sac.  Both my neighbor and I really have no street frontage other than our driveways.  That's how the shape works.  So, because of the utilities, you really can't dig a hole.  So a long time ago, somebody put in these timbers and bolted the pole to the timbers.  They're completely broken down now so the mailbox is not attached to anything.  Dennis, my neighbors, James have, through the years tried to stabilize the mailbox, ropes, poles, big giant nail thingies.  But people hit the mailbox, we hit it, our neighbors have, utility trucks have.  Actually all you have to do is hit the timber backing out of the driveway and the mailbox goes down.

So Naomi hit the timber backing out and it went down.  Wasn't really her, the next person would have brought it down.  Many temporary fixes ensued.  Then James came; he's put that mailbox up so many times.  Picture from yesterday, pre James. It looks like it's up but it isn't, it's completely wobbly and resting on the Comcast utility box.  See how it's tilted?  OK, my neighbor could use a better looking mailbox.

James assesses the situation.

One thing I like about working with James, is that it's always a creative experience.  "Hey," says James, "What about that rock right there, could we use that?"  The people before my neighbors put a bunch of decorative rocks, some very large in.  For some reason.  So there a smallish but biggish rock sitting about 5 feet away.  "It's a good shape, it could work!"  It's my neighbor's rock but she's out of town so I say "Sure, we can use that rock.  Can you move it?"  James replies, "Ah, it looks about 200 pounds, I can move that."  So the fix is on.

The finished product.  James actually has cut into the rock so the pole fits right in and bolts the pole to the rock.  No longer resting on utility box.  And the next car that directly hits the mailbox directly, it's going down because it's going to hit that big rock.

That neighbor had said before she left "Whatever James wants to do, is fine."  My neighbor on the other side who is pretty picky said "James can do anything."

I did text my neighbor and let her know that her rock is now structural.

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