Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now and then

Today a now picture, well a now (at least yesterday) for two of my daughters as they finish up their road trip.  And a then picture.

Last I heard they were in Durango and were going to Phoenix via Chaco Cultural Historical Park in New Mexico.  Looked kind of out of the way to me.  I don't know where this picture is taken but it's pretty.  Occurred to me that I didn't really know if they got back, etc.  Talked briefly to Naomi, yes they're fine, yes they got back but it was a very  very long story and can she call me back.  So I don't know what happened but I guess that's ok.

So Ilana posted this picture, it's very pretty, maybe Colorado?

And I was able to work almost afternoon combing through the online special collection items, reading transcripts and looking for photos.  This is the confirmation class of 1936.  Clearly on the steps of the Old Sanctuary.

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