Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Danny!

Danny is 33 years old today.  He's married, has his own home, he's doing good!  Soon, we'll be taking him out to dinner.  Along with my daughter in law Jessica.  And Susanna  Megan may be too busy making popsicles.  Big time popsicle season.

But, in his honor, I will post a picture when he's young, ok it's a baby picture.  How old is he here?  Seven months, eight months?  I don't remember.  My kids didn't walk early except for Susanna who was outta here!  I always liked this ducky picture.  Pretty cute!  Now he's all grown up!!!

We're going to that trendy taiwanese place that Susanna also wanted for her birthday.  Din Tai Fung at University Village.  It was crazy crowded there last holiday season.  Danny thinks it won't be too bad, Monday night.  Plus the weather's really good so people will be out.

I did like the series of pictures I put up a number of months ago with Danny and Ben as three year olds playing together and then Ben being best man at Danny's wedding.

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