Sunday, June 7, 2015

Encouraging news

Above picture was taken on May 1, 2015 at Mishkan Israel in New Haven during the reception following the keynote speech, part of Friday night services of History Weekend.  The main organizers.  Rabbi Brockman of the congregation with his hands outstretched, Shari Rabin, the Yale graduate student who organized and moderated the panel, off to a faculty position at College of Charleston, and Gary Zola with the red hair.  He's the Executive Director of the American Jewish Archive and faculty member at Hebrew Union College.  He gave the Keynote Speech.  The special guest.

I spoke with Gary Zola during the reception.  Introduced myself, told him what I was working on.  He immediately asked me to submit my work to the American Jewish Archive.  Sure, yeah, ok.  My sister knew him from years ago and she had mentioned that he was very approachable.  Enjoyed his speech.  My part in the panel was the next day.

So, last week, I remembered and organized my materials, my papers, .pdf of the devotional exercise paper, mentioned the short scrapbook piece, the cornerstone project which rabbi tried to head off.  What the heck, I sent it off.  I knew I would get some kind of reply....or not.  Lots of people I write ignore me.

Last night I got the most encouraging validating reply from him, referring me to some papers and requesting the editor of their journal and the senior archivist to be sure to be in contact and help me.  He ended "I most definitely want to encourage you." 

Wow, I'm still stunned and thrilled with his gracious response.  Wow, I'm reading everything he sent and maybe the American Jewish Archives journal might be home for the Maier Zunder paper.  Anyway this is a most surprising and encouraging development.

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