Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

Susanna called and said she wanted to organize a Father's Day barbecue at our house.  Fine but we don't have a barbecue.  No problem, Dave (Megan's dad) would bring one.  Danny and Jessica came, also their friend Erin.  And Megan, of course.  Plus we had four dogs.

Ended up Dave didn't bring the barbecue but he brought some ribs he cooked at home.  Others brought a lot of food.  Susanna, first thing, announced she was going to rake our yard because they wanted to play this game.  So she did.  OK, so our landscape theme is packed dirt.  But look...the lower left hand corner, there's a few grassies.  I can't even grow dandelions.  The problem lies with the big trees.  Can you believe that, when we moved in, we had a thick well established lawn back there.  But, it made a great playing surface for that game, whatever it was.  All of the young adults played.

Shirra, our elderly border collie, in the foreground, had a wonderful time.  She has so much better traction in the back yard.  She paced around, visiting people and hanging out with everybody the entire time.  The other dog in the picture is Hammy, Susanna and Megan's dog.

Fun time.

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