Saturday, June 20, 2015

Don's memorial

We went to Don's memorial today.  Met his children and grandchildren who I've heard so much about.  A trio played piano, violin, cello.  Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  Heavenly and celestial, I thought.  Many people spoke about his career as a musician, conductor and advocate for orchestras.  The picture displayed were all about that.  So were the speakers except a niece and nephew. And one son.

What felt so peculiar that many Changes people were there, probably about 30.  Many of us came.  But that part of his life was not mentioned.  Maybe it's too private.  But my involvement with Don was not trivial nor discounted.  I've known Don and Meryl for seven years.  And pretty closely.  I've seen them a lot, listened to them, shared with them..  Sometimes sobbed with them, we've all gotten through tough times.  As I said, I have a hole in my heart from his absence.  When I heard, I thought what would Don want me to do?  Immediately I knew the answer, take care of Meryl.  and I will, to the best of my ability.  He meant a lot to many people.  When I saw him, he always hugged me and I felt he was very happy to see me.  I was fond of him and he was of me.  Yes, he may have made many people feel that way but it doesn't take away from the authenticity.

So somehow I felt that we were missing from the memorial. Though we were there in force to honor Don.  Fiercely, I might add.

Afterwrd we went out with Mark and Teru.  Fun!  And spur of the moment.

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