Friday, June 19, 2015

Crown reunion picture

A picture from the April/May trip.  Our first stop was Santa Cruz to help give a UCSC reuntion party.  UCSC's 50th anniversary.  We heard about parties (alums from different years) happening all over town.  Us '74 Crownies. we were fortunate to have the party at JJ's house.  She's got the house for the party, no question.  OK, it was my idea.

Here, some people dropped by the day before, just to talk about arrangements, we eventually had about 15 people.  Barry, JJ and Laura.  Nice picture. can you feel how happy we are to be together again.  Barry and I had been planning the party for months and, truly, I can't think of a nicer person to work with.  All three of these people have been successful in research and academic pursuits.  I'm just the later bloomer.  I think somebody brought a picture book from the early 1970s and we're having a great time looking at the pictures.

We don't have to do this every time or even every year but when you've been in a special place at a special time, why lose those people?  Crown College UCSC 1970, it had it's wonder.  Interesting that we all say that we knew it at the time.

Lynne W is not in this pic, have I put a picture up of her?  That made it extra special.

Had some crazy turns of the cornerstone deposit project, a fascinating story has landed in my lap.  And it happens right here in Seattle.  I'll write about that another time.

As we have exited out of being the family with four kids into the adult world, some weekends have been quiet.  But not this weekend.  But a lot of it is parent group stuff.  Plus our anniversary, 39 years.  Team meetings tonight and tomorrow morning, Don T's memorial Saturday afternoon (sad, but necessary, omm), then Dennis and I go out for brunch, then a not complicated moveout that has already been called off twice.  Then a Father's Day barbecue at our house.  Except we don't have a barbecue.  According to Susanna, she's in with Danny and Dave, Megan's dad is coming with a barbecue and they're doing all the food.   So we'll see, the stores are open.

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