Friday, May 29, 2015

The Cave....

Cave Movie Final from J. Rickards Winery on Vimeo.

My husband's aunt and uncle build a very interesting underground facility to age wine on their vineyard and winery property in the Alexander Valley in northern California.  They've built their vineyards and winery really from the ground up.  J. Rickards Winery.  Jim Rickards narrates the film.  They did a time lapse photography of how they built this whole facility.  They have been talking about it for quite awhile but really seeing this facility go up (and down) brings it all the more real.

This is a longer video asking the viewer to invest over six minutes.  I'm so glad they did it.  I love seeing things come to be.  Now we have to go visit!  We did visit once when we are down that way; they're easy to find just off Hwy 101.

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