Thursday, May 28, 2015

Naomi made it!

Naomi, experienced teacher, has made it through her first year of teaching!!!  Huge!  She completed her year of teaching fourth grade of kids with limited English skills in a Title 1 school in Arizona.  She'll always remember these kids because they are her first ones.  She was very encouraged that 6 kids tested out of this program.  She ended strong with good spirits.  She decided during the last few days to teach a unit on cursive writing.  The kids were excited; they wanted to know how to do it but it's not generally taught.

This kind of job shows how teaching can really 'make the difference.'  These children need a lot.  She observed that most of these kids can do fine; they often have a lack of confidence.  They don't think they can do it.  She works on convincing them that they can.

She'll teach in this school next year, again fourth grade.  Arizona really needs teachers; presents an opportunity for new teachers who want experience.


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