Saturday, May 30, 2015

First steps to Sanders Stadium

I guess I'm in a deconstruction mood.  Here's the latest picture of the demolition of Howe Field which will give way to Sanders Stadium with its googie overhang. 

They've already gotten rid of the concrete seating.  Yay, glad to see that go.  I think I read that they somehow removed the playing surface (I have no idea how they do that) and are using it at a local high school for a practice field.  I was assuming they would incorporate the cool wrought iron gates but I don't know how well that goes with googie.

But I welcome the new stadium as I've written before.  Howe Field had its atmosphere but time for it to go!

The Oregon softball team now?  They will play in an elimination game against Alabama at the Womens College World Series any minute now.  They lost in their opening game against UCLA.  Ally Carda was on a mission.  Even though the Ducks took the series 2-1 during the regular season.  It's really hard to come back if you lose the opening game.  I'm trying to find the broadcast but it seems to have disappeared into the internet ether.

We don't have cable and even when we had cable, we didn't have ESPN so I'm outa luck.  And, they don't put it on ESPN3 (which is free) natch.

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