Sunday, May 31, 2015

Premium Local Desert Vendor

How about this?  Seattle Pops will serve as the "Premium Local Desert Vendor" at the US Open golf tournament at Chambers Bay next month.  Not exactly sure what it means but I think it's a big deal.  I don't know if she sells there or they just buy a whole bunch.  It's a good thing for a small business!

I know that Megan's selling more popsicles this second year than she did the first year.  And that first year was pretty darn successful.  She's doing more events.  Something at Bill and Melina Gates Foundation.  She needed her cart for that so she borrowed our van.  Some truck thing at Magnuson Park.

Turns out there's lots of opportunities to sell popsicles in the summer in Seattle.  The growth of farmers markets really helps because you have a venue to sell and you don't have to have a bricks and mortar location.  Which she doesn't have currently.

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