Sunday, May 17, 2015

Frame by Frame

We saw two movies today at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival).  We buy a six pack and that means we HAVE to get out of the house six times over 3 weeks to see movies.  We've decided that, this year, we would see films by and/or about women.

Earlier in the day, we saw Tea Time, an enduring portrait of a group of elderly Chilean women who meet for tea every month since high school.  Very sweet and real.

The second movie I chose was "Frame by Frame" about photojournalism in Afghanistan directed by two women.  Very compelling and positive about the power absorbed those by who make photos as well as those that make it.  Portrait of four photographers.  We knew the directors would be there but it was a surprise when the four Afghan photographers were there too.  So powerful!!

I've included a low quality picture of the group on the stage answering questions at the end.

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