Monday, May 18, 2015

Players dancing

NCAA Division 1 softball played the 16 regionals this past weekend.  64 teams started, 48 now eliminated.  The remaining 16 will play in eight super-regionals this next weekend.

The Oregon Ducks won their regional and will be moving on.

Many more games than the March Madness basketball tournament as the regional format is double elimination rather than single elimination with the super-regional being 2 out of 3.

I first heard of double elimination tournaments when Susanna was about 10 and playing in the local city soccer tournament. I thought it was some kind of voodoo.  Made no sense to me, I didn't know about brackets, thought no living person could comprehend it.

But I love this video.  The Baton Rouge Regional hosted by #5 seed LSU had many weather delays.

So guess what the teams did.  Downstairs, waiting it out, they all danced.  Enjoy the Texas Southern and LSU softball teams as they wait to resume play.

Love it!  Invest 18 seconds to watch them dance,.

Makes me wonder, would men's teams dance together on a break in a season-ending elimination tournament?

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