Saturday, May 16, 2015

Watched way too much softball today

The Saturday of the NCAA Regionals and a lot was on ESPN.  Enough to make you silly.  The Eugene Regional was one of the four out of sixteen not covered by ESPN.  They started a day earlier because BYU (in their regional) won't play on Sunday.

In years past, there was a lot of grumbling about why BYU should get special treatment when nobody else did.  A few years ago, a typical thread on the softball forum started.  Why should they be treated differently.  Blah blah blah.  Until some poster made a mistake; he referred to the people belonging to the religious group that runs BYU as the 'normans'

That started this hilarious thread that got funnier and funnier.  People riffed off people named Norman, the city in Oklahoma, the province in France, the Anglo Saxons and whatever else getting wilder and wilder.  I should find that thread because I laughed so hard as all kinds of crazy connections were made.  Having nothing whatsoever to do with BYU.

It ended with

"Hey, wait a minute, I used to have a roommate from Oklahoma, does that count?
"Sure it does, did he play softball on Sunday?"

Anyway, Oregon, no. 2 overall seed went 3-0 and won their regional holding off a very tough North Dakota State team.  So they advance to the super regionals next weekend.

Dennis was gone all day today to points south so I watched wayyyy too much softball.  And put up our oddly behaving border collie.  I took her to the vet and he thought she was developing some kind of doggie alzheimers.  She's just kind of manic, continuously pacing, losing track of where her body is, poking herself in corners and staying there, knocking over stuff.  She even got stuck in corners at the vets.  She's eating fine, not aggressive, vitals good,  But she's about 14 1/2 and that's pretty old.  As she likes to point out, 'I have a beautiful coat'.

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