Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not the original cornerstone?

A picture taken of the former Mishkan Israel in 2012 by Dennis.  The cornerstone I so merrily identified is on the bottom right just above the fence.  But is that really the location of the original cornerstone?  The carving is wrong.  I hope I persuaded Colin Caplan (who would know about this sort of thing) to stop by and look at it and see if the stonework would be consistent with 1896.

I cannot imagine that they took the stone with them.  The rabbi said that, until somebody decided to do something in the 1970s, the historical items from the congregation were just scattered around, stuffed under the stage, etc until somebody stepped up and organized them and donated it to the Colony.

Good move.

Of course, I'm looking for the box which was in the cornerstone.  Could this be a fake cornerstone?

I wonder if the school would know...starting with nothing there.

Picture taken by Dennis 2012 and Mishkan Israel building in 1915

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