Sunday, April 19, 2015

Box from Shatilas

Ilana sent me a box of middle eastern pastries from Shatila's a specialized bakery headquartered in Dearborn MI.  One of those places that you have to go to to appreciate.  A very large bakery in a large muslim neighborhood; a destination for many families looking for a treat.  The bakery itself is in two parts; one with colorful, beautiful french style pastries with lots of chocolate and fruits.

The other part is a somewhat raucous busy display and counter of all kinds of unfamiliar middle eastern pastries.  They do not tolerate visitors so much.  You only have one chance to bellow out your order when it's your turn.  No questions answered. They're all sheets of pastry and sugar and lots of pistachios and cashews.  Different shapes and styles, who knows what they all are.

Everything is priced amazingly low; you can buy a lot of high quality pastries at Shatila's for 10 bucks.

So I'm bringing it up to Danny's house (his new condo!!) along with an enormous chocolate cake Dennis bought.  He and Jessica and Susanna and Megan are cooking a birthday dinner.  Very nice.

Oh and that's ground pistachio 'for decoration.'  How would I use ground pistachio for decoration?

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