Friday, April 17, 2015

The cornerstone in question

This is the cornerstone in the question. The original Mishkan Israel Synagogue, dedicated in 1896, owned since 1965 by a specialty arts high school.

The specific question - Is there a copper box in this stone containing time capsule type artifacts as described in contemporary newspaper articles.

No indication that the box was ever removed.  Looking at some other cornerstones and boxes at the time, it's pretty hard to get it out.  Involving concrete chiseling.

But here's a mystery that's bugging me.  Both the Register and the Morning Journal from 1896 specifically mention the inscription on the cornerstone "'40-'96"

That is NOT what is here.  Why?  There's no reason for two newspapers to misquote this.  So IS this the original?  I cannot imagine why it would have been replaced.

I'm all hot to somehow scan this cornerstone to see if it contains a metal box.

But why?  Why are there always more questions?

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