Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ilana's seder

Ilana hosted her own seder this year using her new wedding dishes.  A success! 

First picture shows my daughter, son-in-law, sister and niece (not in that order) enjoying the seder.  They called me with a rousing chorus of dayenu.  She thought she would start out small.  Both Matt and Ilana worked that day,.  She made matza ball soup with the chicken broth shortcut.  She made the fruit compote that I have in the oven upstairs.  My sister brough the charoses.

Hard boiled eggs; seder plate complete with the orange.  Candlesticks from my mother and flowers; she did the whole thing!  Congratulations, I knew you could do it!

Later today we are going to a seder hosted by a Kolhaneshemah family.  Susanna and Megan are also going.  I'm bringing the fruit compote and asparagus and some extra grape juice.  Dennis wants to bring his almonds.  Megan will bring popsicles.

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