Friday, April 3, 2015

The complicated trip

Pretty soon we are going on that complicated trip, including co-hosting a party for early 1970s Crownies (UCSC) in Santa Cruz.  I have a complicated (it has to be) map which I am sending out to the people we're pretty sure are coming.  With mixed success with facebook.

One person wrote back asking for suggestions for the potluck or was it "UCSC whatever"  mmmm probably, yes.

Looking at the UCSC 50th anniversary site, I found this illustration for Crown College, probably a schematic that went with the plans.  Never have seen it before.

It will work; it will be fun.

And, any second now, I go head to head with my elderly border collie (Dennis refers to her affectionately, as you old bat).  The question on the table, will she take her pills or not.  She's a pro at not taking them.  But I got some fancy pill treats at the vet.

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