Sunday, April 5, 2015

The seder we attended

I would call this 'our seder' but it wasn't.  We were fortunate to attend this lovely and fun seder. Kolhaneshemah, the congregation we occasionally participate in sent out a notice.  Would you like to attend a seder or host one for people to come to.  I signed us up to attend.  Though I could have hosted; I've done it before.

After corresponding with the hostess, we incuded Susanna and Megan too.18 people attended, all but three female.  Beautiful and fun.  A number of teenage girls involved with the families.  And a mountain of food.  Seders start out small; usually you have to wait before the eating starts.  And, once it does, it doesn't stop.  I brought asparagus, fruit compote, some grape juice and Dennis brought his almonds.  Megan brought popsiclles.  Fun time with people new to me.  Chicken roasted with orange and fennel, excellent; the pecan apple cake, right up there.

The usual silliness at the end with a version of Pharoh, Pharoh sung to the tune of Louie Louie, right up there in the song silliness competition.  You had to be there.

Thanks so much for including us.

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