Thursday, February 5, 2015

We're looking good!

Looking back on my pictures, which sometimes I can find and sometimes not, I came across this picture of Dennis and I.  Maybe I've used this picture, maybe not.  Ilana's the one who will know!

We're waiting behind the scenes at Ilana's wedding.  Parents of the bride.  She decided that she wanted both of us to walk her down the aisle.  So we're not out there as people come in.  But I think we're looking good.  I am wearing high heels (well not so high) one of the few times I've ever worn them so the difference in our height doesn't show so much.  But Dennis looks very nice in his new suit he bought for the occasion.  And I don't look bad at all.  I'm wearing the same dress as I did for Danny's wedding 10 months previously.  Why buy two?

We're looking happy together.  And we were.  Isn't that the most important?.  After 38 years of marriage?

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