Friday, February 6, 2015

Still an Oregon softball fan

Even though it's been eight years since Susanna has played there, I'm still a University of Oregon softball fan.  Eight years envelops so many lifetimes in college (or high school) sports.  Empires rise and fall in that time.  How many current Duck fans remember four year starter Suzie Barnes?  Mike White now coaches the team and has really improved it.  Though they were almost always nationally ranked, they start at #2 nationally this season.  Not too shabby.  Mike White was the assistant coach Susanna's freshman year and she really liked him.

Oregon's season started today though many teams played yesterday.  Keeping track of all the Pac 12 teams can keep you entertained.  They won their first game against Cal Poly earlier today.  Last year they dropped their first game to that same Cal Poly.  They're playing in the big Kajikawa tournament hosted by Arizona State in Tempe.  We went there twice (?).  Big tournament with many top teams.

A lot of times, the online scoring displays don't work.  Somehow Cal can never get whatever they have to work.  They change it every year and there's lots of different flavors.  Somehow it seems that they get worse as time goes on.  Sometimes you have to resort to twitter feeds which is how I'm following the Cal/BYU game.  Cal is never boring, I have to give them that.

Oregon played their first game at ASU's Farrington stadium.  I've always liked the place.  The palm trees in the outfield.  The lovely weather.  Naomi's in that town, we should make that work for something.  I took this picture from twitter/instagram.  A shot of the two teams being introduced.

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