Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SeaHawk Sulking

They're still talking here in Seattle.  The worst play call in Seattle sport history.  Less than a minute left.  Seattle is behind in the SuperBowl.  They're on the Patriot 1 yard line with three plays left.  All they have to do is punch it in and they win the Super Bowl.  One of the big stars is Marshawn Lynch, a colorful character who runs in 'beast mode'.  He's very tough and strong can get yards better than anybody.  So you give it to Marshawn and get everybody else behind him and push him in.

But that's not what they do.  They do some  pass play down the middle and the Patriots intercept and that's the Super Bowl.  What?  What?  Who's stupid idea was that?  As the announcers said "You give it to Marshawn and if he can't get it in then so be it, but you don't do that!"

Seattle is still in shock.

But, one of my pet peeves.  They describe this as a 'devastating loss'.  What?  You're in the Super Bowl and it goes down to the wire.  How is that devastating?  Don't you think the other teams would trade places with you.  Susanna's high school softball team was in the state championship three times.  They won it the first time, lost the next two times.  They acted like it was a horrible tragedy.  You were in the championship game!  Again, wouldn't any other team in the tournament want to be in your situation?  Also, when she was playing at Oregon, 3 times they were in the NCAA tournament.  Now, every team but one is going to end that tournament in a loss.  But every team says they don't want to end it like last time.  Hello!  You are in the NCAA tournament.  How far did you get?  63 of the 64 teams will end the tournament in a loss..  It's engineered that way! There is no escaping it.  Play your heart out and be proud, I say.

I got this comic from Facebook.  Undoubtedly counterfeit.

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Ilana said...

I also think it's telling Seattle tends to forget the brawl that broke out on the field. Seattle are some terrible losers.