Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UCSC 50 - the planning continues

Every once in awhile it's fun to plan a reunion event. I mentioned a few years ago that Mark Z had put together this book of photos about Crown College in 1974.  There's some pictures of me in there.

The picture is the cover.  The Crown buildings were not very old.  I think they were built just a few years before I arrived in 1970 and they already had some problems.

I'm working with my cohost JJ and Barry G from the DC area working on the invite list.  You know how it is, the more we talk and think about it, the more we remember.

I wrote JJ this morning and said we need Lynn W for this operation.  Yes!  Yes! she wrote back.

So I called Lynn in upstate NY and she said she would come!  Yay!  writes back JJ.  Plus Lynn says she reads my blog.  So she will see this entry.

JJ and I have been in contact really for many years and we've gone through some ups and downs and been involved with each others family.  So, with her, it's not like somebody from the way back.  Heck, she even went to some of the U Oregon softball games when Susanna was playing.  Back in the more recent day.

So if any of my readers know any Crownies from the early 1970s, let me know!

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