Thursday, February 12, 2015

Susanna OTR/L

Susanna passed her National Board Certification for Occupational Therapy.  Whoo hooo!  That makes her OTR and, when she formally gets licensed in our state, it will be OTR/L.

A big deal!  Took many years of classes, a period of time going to school in Birmingham AL, student debt and two months studying for the test.  She did absolutely everything she could think of to prepare as these tests are difficult for her.

She passed!  Time for celebration!

Now she can get a job as a professional occupational therapist.  There are a lot of jobs around so I anticipate that she will find one soon.  She's got the bonafides plus her Suzie Magic.  It will work, I know it.

Picture of her hooding in December in Alabama.  They go through the ritual of faculty members physically putting on the master degree hoods for each student.  She really did not want to miss that!

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