Friday, February 13, 2015

Spring trip

It's shaping up, just have to find more dog babysitting.  As Dennis says, I've doubled my dog workforce and I'm not seeing any productivity rises.

Dennis is coming with, which is good.  We'll do the UCSC (a view I liked) reunion thing and host the party at JJ's.  Hopefully see Lynne W.  We told her she just HAD to come.  Reception in honor of Dr. Thinman is a must.

Then we'll mosey to New Haven, not sure of the stops in between.  Mishkan Israel is having a 175th Anniversary History Weekend and I'm all over that.  I'll be on a descendant panel, maybe participated in the Friday night service, go on the Sunday School trip to the Orange Street site.  I've been corresponding with the graduate student at Yale and she's interested in the Zunder family, well at least Samuel but close enough.  I mean, if you think Samuel is interesting, whoa wait until you hear about Maier!

My cousin and I always have fun doing the craziest things that I dream up.  She's such a good sport to go on all of these genealogical adventures.

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