Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Maier - game on

Game on for first weekend of May in New Haven.  Mishkan Israel (reform congregation) is celebrating its 175th anniversary by having a history weekend.  Heck, who knows those 19th century guys better than me?  Those are my PEOPLE!  Actually, the event is being directed by a Yale PhD student whose specialty is 19th century Jewish communities so, maybe, you know, she might know a thing or two.

I've been asked to participate in a panel of descendants and talk about Maier Zunder on Saturday evening.  Of course, I would like my own session, but, what am I going to do, not go?  Of course I will go.  Dennis too.  My sister Pam wants to come.  And my partner in crime, my cousin Mary Ann, she'll come.  A keynote speaker on Friday who my sister knows.  A trip with the Sunday School to the old temple on Orange Street on Sunday morning.  Of course, I'll be there.  Maybe a trip to the Jewish Historical Society of New Haven.

We'll be going to Santa Cruz the weekend before to co-host the party.  Dennis thinks maybe we should not come home in between.  Hmmm....if I can get dog baby-sitting.

My cousin and I have a number of things on our list for 'maybe next time'.  The collector of memorabilia who might have M Zunder and Sons items.  The widow of my thrid cousin on Long Island.  The Lederer family Torah somewhere in New Jersey.  So many possibilities!

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