Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Charl at the Colony

My brother has put up some new pictures on his photography site.  At first, I couldn't see the new shots.  By the time, he fixed it, I had decided to use this picture.  Mary Ann or I would have taken the picture.  He came, at my request, to New Haven to photograph the scrapbook.  Actually other people heard about him coming before I had a chance to, um, exactly ask him.  He called me, "I'm going where?"  I'm grateful to my family for assisting me so much with these family history junkets.

We're sitting in the New Haven Historical Society, the building and the organization for the white people.  The site for the 'rest of us', including the Irish, Italians, Jews, Ukrainians and the African Americans is at a more modest Ethnic Heritage Center near the campus of Southern Connecticut State University.  When I asked Dennis (who came on another trip) his favorite place, he chose the Ethnic Heritage Center.

Charl looks through a pre-typewriter book of records, likely as part of their Mishkan Israel collection or maybe the Board of Education minutes. So hard to read handwriting..  We hit all of the high points.  Though, it was about this time when he and my cousin said "Are you done yet?  Haven't we looked at every single thing in town at least twice?"

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