Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two Japanese movies

Departures (2008) and 24 Eyes (1954).

Two Japanese movies in 24 hours; that;s a bit much for me who doesn't watch too many movies  They both were a bit maudlin.  Departures had been recommended by my friend when we were both taking that Death class last summer.  Plus I could get it streaming.  About a man who finds he has a calling to do ceremonial preparation of people's bodies.

24 Eyes is apparently extremely popular in Japan.  About a young teacher and her class of 12 students that start in 1928 as first graders and  follows them through the war.  It's a weepie all right as the twentieth century sweeps across this small coastal village.  But mainly I saw how desperate things were in the Japanese countryside in 1954.  With the economy ruined and young men dead.  So different for my American parents as they were prospering in Southern California only a few years younger than the students in the village.  There were not a lot of opportunities here from women but there really weren't for young Japanese women.  Not a lot of support for those who wanted to stay in high school.

I think that's one frustration that parents of acting out teens experience when their children refuse to go to school.  Where, in many parts of the world, it's a privilege to go to school and these teens summarily reject it.

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