Saturday, January 3, 2015

One last holiday meal

Naomi really wanted to get to the noodle house before she went back to Arizona.  Officially that's the the Fu-Man Dumpling House.  Surely you would recognize it from the fllourescent orange walls.  Little family place.  Kind of the same kind of food as that really trendy place we went to for Susanna's birthday.

So Noami pitched just stopping there on the way to the airport.  Before I knew it, six people were coming including Jacqui and her new husband Will plus Megan and Susanna.  People hear about it when we go there; it's out in the universe.  To their credit Megan and Naomi split the bill for the lunch.

But it was tasty and fun as usual.  Mmmmm green onion pancakes.   Mmmmm hot and sour soup.  etc etc.

Naomi made it back to Arizona but not before an unscheduled stop in Las Vegas for a medical emergency.  Not her, thank goodness.

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