Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day of School

The winter quarter at UW starts today.  Of course, I'm going to take a class.  I'm still at home, every single class I considered was in the afternoon slot.  I would rather have the morning but I will see how it works.  One of the many wonderful parts of being an Access Student is that you can try it out and see how it works.  It's only 10 weeks and you can always stop going if you really hate it.  Which I never do.  I can do this as long as I want.  Assuming the Access program is still in place.  I keep saying to my husband, I can't believe they let me do this.  My friend Trina believes that it's revenue positive for the university because they get more contributions from older adults if they are on campus and involved.

This is my preliminary choice; it's the class I will attend this afternoon....

JSIS C 258 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (5) VLPA
Introductory survey of the foundational works of rabbinic literature, situating this literary enterprise in its Greco-Roman as well as Babylonian-Iranian cultural, historical, and religious context.

Not your first choice?  I want to take a class from this young professor.  Not the Young Professor, that's reserved for Devnin Naar.  Who I also like.

I also have a new smart phone which will give me more information about when the bus comes.  I have not checked out the classroom before the first day but the building is on the main quad and I know where the location of the handicapped entrance.  I just have to be more careful because the bus only runs every half hour on the way down.

It's the first day!

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