Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Samson Abeles and Rachel Heller

I think this picture originated in the box of unidentified pictures that my cousin Mary Ann had in her basement.  On my first trip to New Haven, she dragged the box out, dozens of relatives from the Lederer side.  We didn't know who they were and we didn't really know where to start.  I suggested that we send them to Sue G, who has done extensive work on the Lederer family.  She had contacted me through Facebook, thrilled to hear about Clara Lederer Bamann's descendants.  An example of how finding descendants can pay off big time.  Because we had a ton of information plus some great pictures.  I even had a picture of her great grandfather Julius up in that pile of stuff.  Which I sent to her, what was I going to do do with it?

Sue G will know what to do with these, I assured my cousin.
Great idea replied my cousin.  How will we send them to her?
You got a shoe box?  i asked.

She got a shoebox, we dumped all the pictures in there and sent them off.  Sue G was thrilled to get them.  Thus, Sue sometimes writes about picture from the shoebox, yeah that's our shoe box.

I might add, that there were some pretty funny looking people and some truly ugly children.

I think this picture was in the shoebox.  Sue has identified them as Samson Abeles and Rachel Heller, parents to Marie Abeles Lederer, my great great great grandmother.  So they would be my third great grandparents.  They lived in Saaz (Latec) Bohemia.  Part of the Czech Republic.  They never came to the US, though some of their children came.  In the late 1840s, same time as Maier Zunder and his siblings.

Their city is only a three hour drive from Fuerth Bavaria where Maier Zunder grew up.  Like from here to Portland.

The light-colored eyes definitely get my attention.  Don't know if the photograph misleads.  My grandfather Irwin Samuel Baumann, their great grandson had green eyes....

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