Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Bus!

Today Metro has let me down.  Monday I went to the first day of class.  But I got there 45 minutes early.  There is no place to sit and the classroom is being used the session before.  My bus, the 372 only runs every half hour.

Plus I have this cool app on my phone that tells me when the next bus will actually come.  Why not take the later bus?  I try that but my app says the bus to UW has already come.  But I know it hasn't.  It doesn't come for another ten minutes and I am late to class.  Grrrr.

When class is over I check my app.  Seven minutes.  I hustle on over.  The bus is already there!   But it's totally full, not even room to stand.  I try pleading with the bus driver but no good.  I resign myself to waiting another half hour and start writing this post.

What?  Another ten minutes, here's another 372!  I manage to get on that bus but it takes me all the way home to write this on my phone.

Later that night, I can't get it to publish from my phone (I don't know why) so I key it in again.  The picture I took while I was at the bus stop at UW this afternoon.

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