Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Quad in Winter

Took this picture last Wednesday on my way to class.  The UW Quad in winter.  Grass looks pretty darn green, not too much cold so far this winter.  And those cherry trees, when they bloom, it's gorgeous.

Now I just figured out what's so outstanding about this picture, it's so obvious.  The sun is out, the sky is blue!  Doesn't happen very much.  Mostly it's like it is now.  Gray, dark, kinda drizzly. 

I'm probably on my way to the Art Library which is not shown on the far right.  My class is in Raitt Hall which does show on the right.  In a tremendously ugly classroom on the first floor.  It does have a projector but my young professor likes to use the blackboard.  And the room has a blackboard with chalk not a whiteboard with markers.  I have to walk around the back of the art building unless I want to go bouncing down the stairs with my old lady rollerbag.  The disabled entrance is in the back of Raitt Hall.  There's an elevator nearby; it's not so bad.

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