Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Doggies

Our current dog population (Shira and Teddy).  Teddy's been a regular around here for six years.  He's a gentle sweetie-pie, eager to help despite his kind of scary appearance (is that a pit bull?).  Teddy loves everybody and he assumes that everybody loves him.  We've had Shira for about six weeks.  An older (14 years old?) sort of border collie whose family moved to Australia and could not take her.  She's settled in well.  She's dominant over Teddy (isn't everybody?) and works very hard to be devoted.  She loves a walk and prances and high steps down the street.  She is the fun police however and barks to stop any silliness (stop that wrestling, too much fun!).

Shira gets along with Starbaby (our imperial small kitty).  Starbaby's working on training her to do her bidding (that's her deal with Teddy).  She's got some selective hearing.  For example, she can definitely hear if I open the canister with the dog cookies.

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