Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet Shirra

Meet the new member of our hospital, Shirra, aged 14.  Kind of an elderly auntie.  Shirra's owners, long time friends and scout leader are retiring in Australia very soon.  They can't take their pets and Karin was looking like crazy for somebody who would provide a home for Shirra.

Now, I admit that I have changed the spelling of her name.  Her name in her former home was She-Ra, the name of the partner of He-Man from the 1980s.  I can completely see their daughter giving her that name.  Doesn't seem to fit her, so she gets to keep her name and she doesn't know how it's spelled.  Shirra has faint Hebrew notes and seems more appropriate for this older girl.

She's dominant over Teddy.  Everybody's dominant over Teddy so I'm trying to give him some extra attention.  Of course, Shirra's confused, waiting for Karin to come get her as she did the few days when we were trying this out.  But so far so good.  It's going to be confusing with our house sitter Jacob coming over while we go to Susanna's graduation.  And then lots of people showing up for the general holidays.  Some of which bring dogs.

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