Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ilana and Matt's lights

I had been hearing about the lights that Matt and Ilana put up at their home in Indiana.  Ilana assured me that Matt (the engineer) had worked hard on the design so it was just right.  It looks nice, um classic would be a good word to explain it.  Not like how the lights go up on our house (at my request).  Whoever is here drags out whatever lights we have.  I always hope that we've thrown away the lights that didn't work last year but that is not always the case.  I'm not sure we actually purchased any of these lights, they've come into our possession in various ways.  For example, Jonathan (next door)'s uncle bequeathes him his entire light collections which has migrated to our house.  Or Susanna brought some over.  So whoever is out there gets to decide to put them however they want.  Nice to have the front entry lighted up; that's my only suggestion.  So maybe they go along the garage.  Or not.  Or over the bushes.  Or not.  Or on the handrails.  Or not.  Get the picture?  I've got some lights on my house out front and I'm very satisfied with them.

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