Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I first encountered this quote in my American Jewish Women class last year.  Emphasizing Social Justice, the professor invited a series of Jewish Women activists; talking about their causes and how their Judaism fit in with that activism.  One woman used this quote which really spoke to me who often is outside liberation causes.  Who said it?  Who said it?  I don't remember but it also ignited the members of the class.

We're still in holiday mode with another dinner this evening.  The annual Garrison-Barnes Noodle house dinner.  Except the noodle house isn't open.  What?  Still many moving parts on both sides.  Can we pull off another one?  This may be why I still have trouble speaking in complete sentences.  Twelve people?  I suggested our favorite Mexican place.  OK, so we went there last night.  I can do it again.

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