Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our holiday craft

Check out our holiday craft.  When we went to the holiday lunch at Grandma Anne's, we thought we should probably bring something.  Dennis had the idea of making his always popular almonds.  They really are a hit even with their healthy bug juice yeasty coating. 

But we didn't have any packaging.  And we are so not crafty.  We call in our only big gun...Naomi.  We've got to leave in 1/2 hour and we want these to look nice.  How?  Naomi consults pinterest and gets the idea of these little cones.  We could make them out of wrapping paper.  Naomi gets it to work.  How about a ribbon thing.  We could staple it.  So Dennis, Naomi and I go into production.

We were so proud of ourselves.  OK, they do look like some kind of tropical invertebrate sea life.  But we made them ourselves and handed them out to people.

Our dinner last night went great.  Two families; 13 people.  Kinda took over the little Mexican place.  All had a great time.  Everybody but Ilana and Matt.  Everybody had a great time.  I didn't take any pictures (for a change).

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