Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Luncheon

Another holiday gathering.  Some members of Dennis' family gathered at Wesley Terrace where Grandma Anne lives the Saturday after Christmas..  They have this nice dining room right off the big main dining room.  I brought the crowd this time; 7 people.  Actually it is a luxury to have all of my children in the area at the same time.  I'm glad that Ilana and Matt are building a good life in Indiana and Naomi is teaching in Arizona.  But it means less occasion when I have the cast of thousands. 

Danny and Jessica didn't come but everybody else did.  So, when you arrive with a party of seven, it often can highly influence the event....

But it was a nice time and I was glad that we could all be together.  I always liked having meals at Wesley Willows where my parents lived.  Grandma Anne took us on a tour of the facilities downstairs; very much like the basement of Wesley Willows....

Did I mention that Cantina Lena is CLOSED?  Problems with the ventilation of their fire pit.  Wondered how they could do it on the first floor of an apt building.  Anyway, it's in limbo, supposed to re-open in another location. Sometime.  Bad break!

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