Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Night

It almost got away from me but last night was the first night of Hanukah.  Susanna called and suggested that she and Megan come over and make latkes.

She loves latkes.

She agreed also to give Shirra a bath.  They came over, Susanna met Shira and after a short period of acquaintance got her in the bathtub and commenced scrubbing her.  She is beautiful now.  I was very pleased to see that she had not piddled in her bed last night but Dennis siad he found a puddle by the front door.

Old dog problems.

But the latkes were the best yet.  Megan prepared the potatoes and onion while Susanna bathed Shirra.  Then she fried them up and they were delicious.

Having just picked up a lot of checks in Birmingham and looking forward to the holidays which somehow involve a lot of restaurants, I decided that we didn't need to have chinese food on xmas eve.  I bought a small turkey at Costco instead.

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