Thursday, December 18, 2014

Danny and Jessica

A nice picture of my son and daughter in law. Don't know where it was taken but it's festive.  Danny tells me it was a photobooth thing at a birthday party.

I feel soooo fortunate that I really like the partners that my children have chosen.  Jessica, Megan and Matt.  Danny and Jessica married in July 2013 and Matt and Ilana married in June 2012.  I'm hoping for Susanna!

The holidays which officially start tomorrow look to be full of conflicting and confusing schedules.  As Dennis says, picking up restaurant tabs is what he associates with the holidays.  Since there's bound to be plenty of them in the near future (which includes two birthdays), I've decided to cook Christmas eve as opposed to going to the Chinese restaurant.  It's fun but since we have so many other opportunities...  Cantina Lena (new Tom Douglas restaurant carrying SeattlePops) will be a destination at least once, maybe more times.  Since it doesn't look like Dennis' family is putting on anything Christmas afternoon, we may go with Matt's family to another favorite restaurant.  Grandma Anne is having a no host lunch on Saturday.  First Cantina Lena visit was supposed to be on Saturday, now on Sunday so Danny and Jessica can go.  Naomi bday, Susanna bday.  Ilana wants Paglicacci pizza.  Probably noodle house visit.  Yeah, you can hear those dollars rushing out.

We just returned from Alabama which we picked up a bunch of tabs.

Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad I can do it.

Oh, and I'm hosting 14 Christmas morning.  Oh, and now we're moving Cantina Lena back to Saturday, see how it goes?

To my readers:  do you have any opinion about xmas vs christmas?

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