Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy birthday Naomi!

My youngest, my baby turns 25 years old today!  Happy Birthday Naomi!  Born in the winter (who would have a fourth child during the holidays?) she grew up with her three older siblings who always took care of her.

She was the captain of the Highland Dancers in high school!

She's working as a first year teacher in Glendale, a low income area of Phoenix.  Making a difference as her sister Ilana says.  Teaching in a Title 1 public school 4th grade for the kids who don't have strong Enlglish skills.  She's making it work!

And like her grandmother a strong girl scout!  Do you know that scouting's genetic?  I have proof.

She'll be here this weekend, taking a break from Arizona.

This picture?  I'm thinking it's pre-school but I'm not sure.  Maybe she knows. 

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